Event design, styling & set-up

VALIO #Jäätelöfabriikki

Product launches / Influencer events

Throughout the course of 2018 Valio launched their new old school ice cream range with non-traditional flavors. Under the theme of #jäätelöfabriikki we were asked to design and style two influencer launch events at Allas Sea Pool, Helsinki.

"Fun, uplifting, picture-inspiring and a little weird" was our design brief for these events. Together with the clients we came up with two concepts that did justice to all of those creative flavors of delicious ice cream Valio has developed.

Pictured: Spring event launching the flavors Salmiakki Chili, Mustikka Ruis, Kreisi Kinuski, Porkkanakakku, Macchiato Suklaa, Mansikka Basilika & late fall event launching Super Vanilja and Aura Laku.