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graafinen suunnittelu / häävalokuvaus / tapahtumavalokuvaus / somistuskuvaukset / sisältökuvaukset / visuaalinen markkinointi

Event design, visual production


Influencer event at Roots, Helsinki


The Santa Maria blogger dinner at Roots was to be set in a more casual atmosphere, setting the scene for the new organic Texmex products and cleaner ingredients in the Santa Maria food range. Roots at Vaasankatu served as the perfect place to host this dinner.

We styled the space in a modern, scandinavian influenced "fiesta" look with Santa Maria spice mixes, sauces and other products nestled into centerpieces and other attention spots. Each guest received a fiesta hair piece from real flowers and foliage, as well as a mini cactus or succulent in their giveaway product bag.