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Event design / Event styling / Prop styling / Photography / Graphic design / Decor services / Wedding design / Wedding styling / Editorials / Visual Marketing / Styled product shoots

Floral Design / Floral styling

Visuaalinen suunnittelu / tapahtumastailaus  / tapahtumasomistus / tilasomistus / tilakoristelu /  hääsuunnittelu / hääsuunnittelija / häästailaus / hääsomistus / hääkoristelu / juhlasomistus / hääkutsut

graafinen suunnittelu / häävalokuvaus / tapahtumavalokuvaus / somistuskuvaukset / sisältökuvaukset / visuaalinen markkinointi

Design, production, styling, florals, graphic design


Pantone color of the year 2019​

Editorial published on SMP

With our editorial design we wanted to bring understated vibrance into the cold, low light of the harsh winter months in the northern parts of the world. Muted coral tones and warm glowing candle light in a contemporary setting surrounded by the stark, cool walls of this loft in Fiskars. 

Our floral designs are created mixing fresh cut florals with plenty of dried bits from warmer seasons, such as palm leaves, floral pods and pepper. But we also incorporated elements we can forage during the winter months such as branches and dried reeds. With an aim to make our designs more sustainable we save and repurpose most of these dried elements from event to event. A beautiful way to keep our footprint a little lower during the cold season.

Design, creative direction, styling, florals: Hey Look

Venue: Musta Sali, Fiskars
Photography: Susanna Nordvall
Tableware: H&M Home
Graphic design: Hey Look
Silk napkins: Seidenband