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Event design / Event styling / Prop styling / Photography / Graphic design / Decor services / Wedding design / Wedding styling / Editorials / Visual Marketing / Styled product shoots

Floral Design / Floral styling

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graafinen suunnittelu / häävalokuvaus / tapahtumavalokuvaus / somistuskuvaukset / sisältökuvaukset / visuaalinen markkinointi

Event design, styling & set-up


H&M Holiday office party

In tone with the brand's Hotel Mauritz holiday campaign, for H&M's christmas party, Tapaus contacted us to transform the H&M Helsinki offices into the dated, slightly spooky fictional hotel to be seen in the company's christmas ads.


One principle for this project was sustainability. All items should be rentals, pre-used or sourced from the H&M Home selection. Since vintage furniture rentals are non-existent in Finland, we sourced all of our furniture and vintage pieces from charity shops for a rental fee, and rounded up the look with selected H&M items.


Event management: Tapaus